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Make a difference in the life of women and men like Lea today!

Here is why our mission is so important

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During my active addiction I became unable to live life on life’s terms. I could barley look people in the eye and was constantly mumbling because I felt I had nothing of value to say. I did almost everything I said I never would and had lost myself completely. I was hurting everyone around me including myself. I was in and out of treatment centers and would go to meetings occasionally. Toward the end I knew I wanted to be clean but I didn’t believe it was possible for me. While at my last treatment center I decided to go to a long term halfway house called char hope. During my stay there I gained a healthy routine; they kept me very busy. I had always been in and out of meetings but never took any of the simple suggestions which were requirements at this particular halfway house.The staff, residents, volunteers and recovery community believed in me until I could start to believe in myself. I slowly gained confidence and found my integrity again. Through my stay here I started to become the women I was meant to be. Char hope made it possible for me to hold my hand out to others and show that recovery is possible and it works!!!